Minneapolis Meditation Group of Self-Realization Fellowship

  • Minneapolis Meditation Group of Self-Realization Fellowship
  • Meditation lead by monastic
  • Altar - The Self-Realization Fellowship Gurus
  • lunch with monastics
  • Our patio

Self-Realization Events and Programs


SRF is hosting an online open house, holiday meditations and more from December 11th through January 8th. These include the all-day Christmas meditation and the all-day meditation for Paramahansa Yogananda’s birthday. Find out more on SRF’s Online Holiday Events page.

SRF Online Resources

Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) offers a variety of online and in-person programs and events. Until the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, SRF is offering only online events. SRF’s Events and Programs website page includes:

  • Weekly Inspirational Services 
  • World Convocation
  • SRF Online Meditation Center
  • For Youth (programs for children and teens)

For those new to meditation, SRF’s home page offers a number of resources, including:

  • A Beginner’s Meditation
  • Experiences of SRF Members
  • Selections from SRF’s President’s Blog