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The Minneapolis Meditation Group

About the Minneapolis Meditation Group

The Minneapolis Meditation Group is composed of members and friends of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF.)  We seek to support one another by meditating together, and we strive to be a welcoming place for newcomers to attend SRF services. We enjoy one another’s company after services and especially at our monthly potlucks.  Most of us have found that it is much easier to persist on the spiritual path by regularly engaging with the group.

Paramahansa Yogananda (founder of SRF)  on the Importance of Group Meditation

“From time immemorial in India, seekers who were truly eager to realize God have sought association with saints, or have meditated on their pictures in the company of other spiritual aspirants. There is a deep spiritual reason for this practice, which has been endorsed by the masters for centuries. Many temptations to revert to wrong habits, haphazard thinking, and restlessness beset the beginner-yogi. The delusive force of maya is powerful and difficult to overcome, especially at first. Thus, those who wish to perfect themselves are urged by the masters to keep in close association with others of similar nature in order to strengthen their right aspirations.

“We become like the people we mingle with, not only through their conversation, but through the silent magnetic vibration that emanates from them. When we come into the range of their magnetism we are affected.

“If a man wants to become an artist, he should associate with artists. If he wants to be a good businessman, he should associate with successful leaders in the business field. If he wants to become a spiritual giant, he should associate with devotees of God.”