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Many blessing flow to who serve this sacred work of Self-Realization Fellowship. Brother Santoshananda, in his tape Remembrances of the Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda said, “The disciples who advance on this path are those who serve this work..” Our Guru encouraged all devotees to serve in whatever capacity he or she is capable. Listed below are some of the opportunities to serve our Guru through the MMG. Service Reader (must be a Kryiban), Ushering, Sunday School Teacher (must be a, Kriyaban), Sunday School Assistant, Sunday School Helper (crafts, guest appearance, Christmas project, behind the scenes support), Cleaning, Maintenance, Flowers, Landscape Committee, Church Day of Service, Answering Telephone, Lending Library organizing and sustaining, Lawn Maintenance, Snow shoveling, Hospitality, Book Room, Greeter, Computer Maintenance and Mailing List/Members Directory updating. Please contact a council member if you are interested in serving in any capacity.

If you wish to do volunteering please contact the council members.

The inactive man does not do his duty to his Creator or to the society that maintains him. The recluse who devotes his entire life to sincere effort in meditation fulfills part of his duty by trying to find and love God, and thus,spiritualize his own life. To improve oneself is to help society by the example of virtue and by making at least one of its members good!

But the yogi (monastic or householder) who does his duty to God, and also to the world through some form of uplifting service, is the most highly evolved type of being. He becomes a master (a siddha) when by such dutiful action he attains the supreme inactive state (nirvikalpa God-union), which is free from karmic effects of actions and is filled with the bliss of Spirit.

Paramahansa Yogananda
Source: God Talks with Arjuna

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