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Monastic Visit June 2017

Two Self-Realization Fellowship monks, Brother Devananada and Brahmachari Andy, will visit our group, holding services and other activities at the chapel from Friday, June 2 until Sunday, June 4, 2017.

The purpose of the visit is to provide guidance regarding best practices for SRF groups. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the events. Below is a schedule of the monastic visit activities.

Weekend Schedule (download)

Friday, June 2
11:30AM–12:30PM  Lunch buffet at Q-Cumbers in Edina with the Monks
12:30–3:00PM Outing with the Monks at Minnehaha Falls
7:30–9:00PM Opening Class and Meditation at the Chapel
Saturday, June 3
8:00–10:00AM Meditation Service
10:30AM–12:30PM Center Department Workshop—all are welcome
12:30–1:30PM Short Meditation and Indian Style Social Lunch
2:00–3:00PM Video Presentation
Sunday, June 4
9:00–9:20AM Energization Exercises
9:30–10:15AM Meditation Service
10:30–11:30AM Lecture Service
11:45AM–12:00PM Group Photo
12:00–1:30PM Vegetarian Potluck
2:00–2:30PM Guidance Meeting for the Committees—all are welcome

You may download the flyer with our weekend program.

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